How do you get 20% off on JD Sports?

Get 20% off on JD Sports with a student discount from Unidays.

Do NHS staff get discount at JD Sports?

NHS staff get 20% discount at JD Sports with a Blue Light Card.

How can I get free JD delivery?

Use the laybuy service to get free JD delivery.

Does JD offer student discount?

JD offers 20% student discount.

How much is JD free delivery?

JD free delivery is free with orders over 70.

Is JD Sports open during lockdown?

All JD Sports shops are closed during lockdown but the website is open.

Can you use Blue Light Card in JD?

Blue Light Card can be used in JD for a 10% discount.

Is JD free delivery?

JD is free delivery on orders over 70.

Why isn't my JD student discount working?

JD student discount does not work on items not delivered directly by JD.

Does JD take One For All?

JD does take one One For All gift cards.

How much is next day delivery JD Sports?

Next day delivery is 5.99 at JD Sports.

How do I get a JD voucher?

Buy a JD voucher or eGift card at JD Sports.

Can I try trainers on in JD Sports?

You can try trainers on in JD Sports at a request station where the shoes will be sprayed with sanitiser.

Do you have to pay for JD returns?

No, JD returns using a returns label are free.

Can I exchange in JD without a receipt?

No, you need the original receipt to exchange at JD.

Is JD still doing next day delivery?

Yes, JD do next day delivery for orders placed before 9pm.

What is JD number?

The number for JD is 0161 393 7055.

How do I get next day delivery at JD?

You can't, JD offer 2 day delivery not next day.

Can you buy JD vouchers in Tesco?

Yes, JD vouchers can be purchased in Tesco stores as a gift card.

How do I use JD Unidays code?

Go to the student page on JD and enter your Unidays code.

Why can't I use my JD gift card online?

If the JD gift card is empty you won't be able to use the card online.

How do you know if a shoe is in store at JD?

Contact the customer care team to know if a shoe is in store at JD.

Is JD taking cash?

No, JD is not taking cash during covid.

Can I return my JD parcel to Asda?

Yes, Asda stores accept JD parcels for return.

Is JD online open?

JD Online is open 24/7 even when the JD Sports shops are shut during lockdown.

How do you live chat on JD?

Click on the live chat button on the JD Sports website to start a live chat or phone JD on 0161 393 7055.

Can you return items to a different JD store?

Yes, you can return items to any JD store as long as you have the original receipt.

How do I complain to JD Sports?

To complain to JD Sports visit the customer support section on the website or phone customer services on 0161 393 7055 or email or tweet JD Sports.

How do I create a JD account?

On the JD Sports website click register and enter a username and password to create an account.

Who owns JD Sports?

JD Sports is owned by the Pentland Group.

Can you use JD vouchers online?

JD vouchers can be used online at

What does JD sell?

JD sells sport fashion brands line JD, Size, Chausport, Sprinter, Sports Zone, Perry Sport, Aktiesport, Glue, JD Gyms and Finish Line.

Can you pay with Klarna in store at JD?

No, to use Klarna you need to pay online and not in store.

Can you use Klarna in store at JD?

No, you can only use Klarna to pay online and not in store at JD.

Why would you like to work for JD?

This question is often asked at JD interviews, you would like to work at JD if you love sports fashion and great customer service.

Who is the CEO of JD Sports?

The CEO of JD Sports is Peter Cowgill.

Is JD Sports a legit website?

Yes, JD Sports is a legitimate website used by tens of thousands of people every day.

Does JD price match?

No, JD does not price match but your find their prices are already the lowest.

Where is JD Sports head office?

JD Sports head office is in Bury.

How many employees does JD Sports have?

JD Sports has over 35,000 employees.

How do I pay my JD bill monthly?

Pay your JD bill monthly by selecting Clearpay at the checkout.

How do I delete my JD account?

Delete your JD account by phoning customer support on 0161 393 7055.

Why is JD so successful?

JD is so successful because of it's good mix of brands and opening in the right markets.

How does JD make money?

JD makes money from it's online retail business.

What is the purpose of JD?

The purpose of JD is to be the UK's best known sports fashion retailer.

Who delivers for JD Sports?

DPD and DHL deliver for JD Sports.

What do you wear to a JD Sports interview?

Wear a suit or smart casual clothing to a JD Sports interview.

What brands does JD sell?

JD sells Nike, adidas, Puma, Fila, Ellesse and The North Face.

Does JD sell real shoes?

Yes, JD sells real shoes 100% legitimate.

What do you need to work at JD?

To work at JD you will need good english and basic maths.

Who are the directors of JD Fashion PLC?

Peter Cowgill, Neil Greenhalgh, Martin Davies, Andrew Leslie, Heather Jackson, Andy Rubin and Kath Smith are directors of JD Fashion PLC.

Why are JD delivery taking so long?

JD delivery are taking so long due to high levels of demand caused by social distancing measures and lockdown.

How long does it take for a JD refund?

It takes 3 to 5 working days for a JD refund.

Is JD Sports UK sizing?

Yes, JD Sports are all UK sizing.

Does JD do student discount?

JD does a 20% student discount.

Can I return worn shoes to JD?

No, shoes must be unworn to return to JD.

Is Size owned by JD Sports?

Yes, Size is owned by JD Sports.

What is JD Sports worth?

JD Sports is worth 6.11 billion pounds.

Does JD do Open Pay?

Yes, JD does do Open Pay over 3 months.

How do I stop JD text messages?

To stop JD text messages reply to the text message with STOP.

Do JD Sports have changing rooms?

Yes, but the changing rooms are closed during covid.

What do you know about JD Sports?

I know that JD Sports is the leading UK sports fashion brand.

How successful is JD?

JD sports is very successful with 200 stores.

Who are JD main competitors?

JD main competitors are Sports Direct, Decathlon, Kitbag, Nike and ASICS.

Who is JD Sports target audience?

11 to 40 year olds are JD Sports target audience.

Is JD a Chinese company?

Yes, is a Chinese company, not to be confused with JD Sports which is a UK company.

Who owns JD gym?

Alun Peacock owns JD gym not to be confused with JD Sports.

What JD means?

JD means John Wardle and David Makin the founders of JD Sports.

What is a core customer JD?

A core customer for JD is the 11 to 40 year olds who shop at JD Sports.

Who owns JD Malaysia?

Justin Lim owns JD Malaysia.

What discount do JD Sports staff get?

JD Sports staff get 15% discount.

How long does a JD inteview take?

A JD interview takes 30 minutes on average.

What sector is JD?

JD is in the sports fashion goods sector.

How much does JD Sports pay per hour?

JD Sports pays 7 per hour for a sales assistant job.

Can I work at JD at 15?

No, you need to be 16 to work at JD.

How much do JD pay per hour in the UK?

JD pay from 8.47 for a customer assistant to 15.50 per hour for a manager.

Who is the chairman of JD Sports?

Peter Cowgill is the chairman of JD Sports.

What is the number for JD?

0161 393 7055 is the number for JD.

Is Foot Asylum owned by JD?

Yes, Foot Asylum is owned by JD.

Does JD pay weekly?

No, JD pays it's staff monthly.

What do you wear to a JD induction?

Wear smart casuel clothes to a JD induction.

How do I prepare for a JD interview?

Prepare for a JD interview by thinking about what you can offer when working for JD.